No business is an island – Real Estate Investors know that better than anyone. Our extended network of referrals and services is available 

complimentary to our clients. 


If you have a portfolio of properties you're moving, or if you have just a single spot, we'll connect you with potential buyers.


life insurance

Whether you're an Inexperienced Buyer or a Seasoned Investor, we can help you find Real Estate that meets your Investment criteria.


​Investing In you

We can help you understand your financing options for buying and selling properties.  Take advantage of our extended network of referrals that range from Private Money Lenders to Contractors.  We can help you find a Real Estate program that will help you realize your investment goals and your personal dreams.



Positive Outcomes Through Creative Investment solutions

Buying a property can be challenging and complicated, bank loans can be difficult to get and can take months to process–  At ELCO Investments Inc., we're here to help you.

Elizabeth Cooke bought her first property in 2008, a single condo unit.  She now holds a diverse portfolio of properties ranging from multifamily to industrial.   Elizabeth founded ELCO Investments, Inc. to help individuals like herself navigate the complex world of real estate.

Real Estate Investment holds vast opportunities for Personal and Financial Success.  No matter what your current life situation, Real Estate Investment can help you Design your Life and Realize your Dreams.  Invest in Yourself through Real Estate.

"All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea."

Napoleon Hill